Why Are Glasswashers Crucial To The Running Of Any Pub

Clean glasses in your pub are necessary for public health reasons and also importantly because residue on glasses can affect the taste of the brews and cocktails you serve. A commercial glasswasher helps with the chore of glass cleaning making the task easier and quicker. There are many varieties of glass washers finding the right one for your establishment is the key.

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Upright Washer

Using the upright washer is a quick way to solve your glass cleaning chores. There are manual or electrical options available. The manual ware washer basically is two to four brushes attached to a suction cup. You fill the water over the brushes and manually wash and rotate the glass to clean. The electrical requires no special electrical needs, just plug in 115V and go. The motor stands above the water giving you more space in your dish tank if you have a small sized sink. The best choice is a four brush model. It allows for the brushes to spin around the glass without any manual turning. There are two and three brush models as well, but the four brush limits movement of glasses underwater reducing chance of breakage.


The convenience of the submersible model works is that the motor is kept cool by the water, but the water is warmed by the motor. You can also choose the style that has an additional warmer to help with the tough fruity residue that some cocktails leave on the glasses. This type works much like the upright and you can also choose a stronger 220/240V motor for heavy volume pubs.

Brushes and chemicals

Special brushes are available for margarita, pilsners, shot glasses and other barware that do not quite fit the standard size for cleaning. Usually a low suds liquid cleaner is recommended for bar ware cleaning systems. They leave less residue and the low suds is a necessity with the water agitation.

Under the counter

The ultimate choice, if you have the room, is an under the counter or stand-alone barware unit. An under the counter unit can fit easily under the bar and wash multitudes of barware without an employee or brushes being utilized for the job. It is easy since the barware needs to be loaded into the machine on glass racks and close the door. It operates much like a home dish machine only quicker. You will need to have special electrical and plumbing installed for this commercial glasswasher, but it will be worth the savings cost in the long run.